Is the end near? Syria is bleeding.

Syria. The land of never ending bloodshed and turmoil. Hearts are bleeding and souls are being stolen. The world is silent. The leaders of the world do not have an ounce of care and yet they claim to be powerful. Without their high and mighty positions, they are ordinary. Isn’t there a criteria for being a leader? Are the requirements of such low standards? Leaders are suppose to encourage nations, motivate and support the people, they are suppose to be for the people because at the end of it all, they are the people. To be frank, the leaders of today and even in the past possess the qualities that are opposite of a leader.

Bashar Al Assad – President of Syria. One name. The cause of a million deaths and counting. A man without humanity, without any conscience or any fear of God, a man that is powerhungry and selfish. A man who does not feel an ounce of pain when watching babies being burnt and teenagers being shot in cold blood. A coward.

What I fail to understand is where the humanity lies? Does it exist or has it ceased to exist? Why do the powerful leaders and those who have the necessary resources to fight this oppression turn a blind eye to these events? It’s a massacre. It is of importance. It is lives being taken. Why? Why are those in need alone in this?

My heart bleeds and will continue to bleed, every tear that falls from a child’s eye will fall from mine. I feel the pain, I feel it all and it pains me that I cannot help.



Speak up against Assad

Do you know how this revolution in Syria started?
And this is where the comparison comes in.

In Egypt, there was an uprising when Hosni Mubarak ruled, and the world accepted it.

In Tunisia, there was an uprising, and the world accepted it.

In Libya, there was an uprising when Gaddafi was in power, and the world accepted it.

But in Syria, they confused you.
They said rebel groups were standing up, but no.
Their own president Bashar al Assad is killing his own Syrian people for almost 3 years now and no one speaks against it or acts up.

Almost 200 000 people killed since 2011.

In South Africa before 1994, there was oppression and injustice, the people stood up against it and the world accepted it.

What is different in Syria?



Living in Gaza as bombs fall by Omar Ghraieb

The last two nights have been terrible. So many explosions have occurred close by that there is now a constant ringing in my ears.
But I can’t complain too much, especially when entire families around me are being killed. We have become refugees in our own country.

Many families have left their homes in the north seeking refuge in UNRWA schools (not that it’s safer or anything, Israel bombed them during Operation Cast Lead). An estimated 4,000 people left everything behind to seek peace, but that is nowhere to be found in Gaza.
No place is safe for us anymore.

A multi-storey house was bombed. Nineteen people were killed and more than 50 others injured. Imagine suddenly losing your entire family one day. Imagine losing your mom, and your dad, and your siblings. And your relatives, and your neighbours…

A week into Operation ‘Protective Edge’ – or persistent Israeli aggression in Gaza – I can feel a shift. It turns out you can adapt to even something like being under siege.
In Palestine: Fighting a biased narrative.

At first we were in a state of denial, but we have begun adjusting. Now we are practically used to it. Yesterday, people were leading a nearly-normal life in broad daylight, which sort-of confused me. I was sad, happy, frightened, bewildered, all at the same time. I feel on edge, disjointed.

Here is a list of the types of explosions I have categorized during this war:

1- Sudden blast. Just a huge big “kaboom” out of nowhere.

2- Hearing a missile cutting through the air, and again the “kaboom”.

3- Hearing a missile falling and then the ground shakes.

4- Tank shelling.

5- Warships shelling.

6- Apaches missiles.

7- And finally, the gigantic F-16 rocket. That is, if you’re lucky enough to just hear it without being killed.

This might sound crazy, but we all favour type ‘2’.
We prefer to anticipate death instead of getting blown up without warning. It is safer, though not actually safe. If you hear a missile falling, you’re considered lucky – it’s near you but not targeting you. Every time the phone rings, you assume you’ll get a call from the Israeli army to evacuate your house (again, if you’re lucky). Otherwise, they may also utilise their new brand of “warning missiles”. That’s right, they’ll bomb your house with a warning missile, giving you 1-3 minutes or less to leave. Many houses got bombed with no warning missiles, resulting in a huge number of causalities.

There’s nothing the bombing has spared: houses, mosques, medics, hospitals, ambulance centers, cemeteries, farmlands, coastline, boats, cars, motorbikes, buses, residential areas, banks, schools, colleges, universities, you name it. According to UNRWA, about 70 per cent of the fatalities are civilians, of which 30 per cent are children.

It is depressing, but this is my life now.
I still can’t get over the bombing of our three cemeteries in Gaza. And also the handicap association. Even handicaps aren’t spared. Three handicapped females have been killed in the assault so far. I have been holed up inside the house for a week now. I miss the outside.
Every morning when I hear the birds chirping and see the sun slowly filling the streets, I miss being out there. I miss the beach, the freedom of movement and of choosing whether to go out or stay in. I miss my favourite places here, and my friends. I miss the streets and how I feel when I walk on them. I miss walking around.

Life was never normal here, ever, by any means. But whatever ‘normal’ did mean before the current spate of Israeli attacks has changed now.
It hurts when you see children die; living, breathing people turning into dead bodies, into numbers…people I have known.
Every day, you live through the fear of losing a loved one. It is nerve-wracking.
The house is actually shaking as I write this.
Explosions continue in the background, literally like in a movie, except I’m not watching this, I’m actually living it.

On that note, I end, but not without a huge shout out to all the protesters around the world supporting Gaza.
We love you.
And a big thank you to medics, nurses, doctors, and journalists on-ground. And everyone who risks their lives for the sake of others.
‘Hero’ is too clichéd a word, you all deserve a much better definition.
Until next time.
Let’s see what the eighth day brings to us. I hope I live to see it.

From Gaza with hope,
Omar Ghraieb

Israelis are heartless cowards

What do you call the soldier who aims and fires at
children under the age of 18?

The mothers of these innocent children will never talk to them again and their fathers will say nothing to them anymore.
Are these soldiers supposed to shoot, even if their targets are harmless?
The soldiers wait patiently for the chance to blow women and children of Gaza to pieces without any care in the world and they will keep the media away of course.
What do you call those soldiers?
You call them cowards.
And that is exactly what an Israeli is, a coward.

The killing in Gaza is not a war, its a massacre.
Israel is armed with the latest weaponary that America can provide. Israel knows that the people of Gaza are defenseless except for some rockets that hardly even cause any damage.

Governments around the world and world leaders are basically defending the Israelis by not doing anything and not speaking against these crimes. They support the brutal aggressors and ignore the real victims.

Will at least one country start to believe in justice and be courageous enough to put a stop to the massacre?

Israel said that only terrorists are targeted. Yes, this innocent baby is a terrorist.

Israel all summed up

Is-ra-el – noun : a terror state created by ethnic cleansing

: specializes in state terrorism, humanitarian issues, collective punishment, illegal detentions, targeted

assassinations, sonic bombs, home demolitions, air raids

: sponsored by the United States of America

Just to be clear, the Israeli’s have no legal rights in Palestine.

The Israeli state has no legitimacy in history or religion, except for their Zionist mythology.


Peace talks are just a facade


Peace talks seem like the latest attempt to distract people from the real issues like the Israeli occupation, their illegal settlements and the Gaza siege.
These peace talks and processes to bring about peace means the same thing as it did in the 90’s, absolutely nothing to establish peace.
These talks are only called to show the world that the United States of America and Israel are all about ‘peace’ whereas the real reason is that they only want security for themselves.

I personally don’t agree with it because it begins, but never succeeds. It aims to create peace while ignoring the not so peaceful Israeli occupation. Its all utterly meaningless.

The question is yet to be asked once again, why the United States of America feel the need to interfere in matters which do not concern them whatsoever. They talk about failed democracy in the Middle Eastern countries, but they are the ones who should first do something about failed democracy in the USA.

We should come to terms with the truth that democracy is nothing, but a word. There is no democracy. We are simply slaves working for the elite, who are owned and sold the ideology of freedom.

Peace is not peace…


The world turns a side eye, but Palestinians hope we see, that they do not want to flood our social networks to gain votes of sympathy.
No, they want to spread the truth of their sad forgotten reality.

One rocket thrown- ten thrown back.
Can you not see that living with the threat of being killed is actually different to being killed?
These threats are their reality.
2 Israeli lives should not equal 100 Palestinian lives.

This is not self defense.
This is mass murder.
Political leaders will remain silent, because their wealth is more important than the blood of a Palestinian.

Homes are prisons, parks are graveyards and humans are shields.
Peace is not peace, but being blown up into pieces.

Truth does not equal justice in this instance, it equals oppression and injustice.

What is rightfully the Palestinians is now the Israeli’s
And once theirs cannot be taken back.